Amanda vs. Heartland Park

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Amanda Storms the Runoffs!

   The long drive out to Topeka, KS from West Palm Beach, FL was not filled with a huge welcome. The track became increasing cold as the week went on, making it difficult for Amanda to improve her times throughout the week.  To add to the adventure, Amanda’s  rented car suffered multiple issue......computers failing, wiring issues, and a stalling concern that couldn’t be duplicated easily. 

   During the race, Amanda made a charge from her starting position at 16th to tenth. Just as she regained the track to the pack in front of her, the car stalled. After coming to a near stop, the Miata regained it’s composure and took off, but only after dropping Amanda back to 18th. This reoccurring problem happened twice more during the race, leaving Amanda only to regroup and fight for every position. “When the car stalled out, your heart sinks. I hope to have put on a great show for all by charging the field as many times as I did. You just got to deal with the cards dealt to you....this time wasn’t my hand....but next time will” Amanda said with a grin on her face. Amanda plans on returning to next year’s Runoffs, but what will she choose to drive this time??????

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